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Juni 1980

Firmengelände Allkran Hellmich GmbH 1980

René Hellmich founds the company Allkran Hellmich GmbH based in Griesheim near Darmstadt, Germany.
The purpose of the company is the purchase, reconditioning and subsequent marketing of used cranes of all manufacturers. Already in a few years the location should become too narrow...

Februar 1981

Closing of a framework agreement with a large German crane manufacturer for the marketing of used cranes, which the latter had had to take in payment. Establishment of a sales organisation for used cranes, sale of the first cranes overseas and to the Arab Emirates, hiring of the first employees for demonstrations and service.


Delivery of a 40 tonne truck-mounted crane to Ghana. During the briefing and handover the military putsched in the country and the employees fled with the crane into the bush.


1985: Chinesische Delegation besucht Riedstadt

Visit of a trade delegation from China, conclusion of a contract for the delivery of 400 used cranes, handover of the first cranes in Shanghai.


Heutiger Standort 1986

Move to the current location in Riedstadt, Germany, where 13,000 m² of space is available. New construction of workshop, paint shop, steel construction, spare parts warehouse and test area for cranes. Around 50 used cranes were permanently on display at that time. The first used diseases catalogue with 100 pages is published in 2 languages as a house magazine.


Sale of the first cranes to Spain, establishment of a sales and service organisation in Spain.


Foundation of Allkran Hellmich Iberica S.A. based in Barcelona as an independent subsidiary with its own service technicians.


10 years Allkran Hellmich GmbH, more than 800 cranes have been delivered in the past years.


Stand Allkran Hellmich GmbH an der BAUMA 1992

LKW Aufbaukran Luna 35

Allkran Hellmich GmbH presents at the BAUMA in Munich, Germany a new crane concept on series trucks with 35 tons lifting capacity. Allkran Hellmich GmbH becomes the dealer of the truck-mounted cranes developed in-house and produced by Luna SA in Spain. Development of our own crane program with a lifting capacity of 20-120 tons.


Stand Allkran Hellmich GmbH BAUMA 1995

BAUMA booth with presentation of 5 world novelties, among others presentation of the 1st truck superstructure crane with 60 tons lifting capacity on a 4-axle truck chassis. Dealer agreement concluded with Marchetti, Italy, for the marketing of the Marchetti "Trio", the world's first mini crane that could also be used as a forklift and lifting platform (hence the name "Trio"). Delivery of the Hellmich-Luna AT 50/34 to the Darmstadt fire brigade - the crane is still in service today.

Spezialanfertigung: Feuerwehrkran Luna


Mr. Luna sen. suffers a stroke and the cooperation with Luna in Spain ends.


20 Jahre Allkran Hellmich GmbH: Open Days in Riedstadt

20 years Allkran Hellmich GmbH is celebrated with a big Open Day. Sennebogen is now building the truck-mounted superstructure cranes for Allkran Hellmich GmbH. Establishment of a new distribution network for new truck-mounted cranes. The first Sennebogen HPC 35 truck-mounted cranes are delivered.

Article in German Language: Griesheimer Anzeiger, Jahr 2000: Gebrauchte Autokrane waren eine geniale Geschäftsidee


Sennebogen High Performance Crane 40

Presentation and sales launch of the Sennebogen HPC 40 truck-mounted crane at BAUMA in Munich, Germany (HPC stands for "High Performance Crane"). Development of a concept for truck-mounted cranes with a lifting capacity of 70 and 100 tons (this concept is later licensed to Tadano-Faun, TEREX (today DEMAG) also brings the Roadmaster onto the market 12 years later with the help of Allkran Hellmich GmbH).

Article in German Language: Darmstaedter Echo, Jahr 2001: Allkran Hellmich hat viel Neues am Haken, 1. Teil

Article in German Language: Darmstaedter Echo, Jahr 2001: Allkran Hellmich hat viel Neues am Haken, 2. Teil


Einweihung neue Produktionshalle

Inauguration of a new production hall for superstructure cranes and presentation of the new HPC crane series.


To date, more than 3,000 cranes have been sold all over the world. Financing for new cranes is no longer possible due to the economic crisis that followed 9/11. The sale of new equipment is discontinued and the cooperation with Sennebogen terminated. "Back to the roots" is the order of the day.


René Hellmich takes a break and joins the 9 participants of the "Mekong Expedition 2005" (see The activities of Hellmich Kranservice GmbH are expanded and the company's own vehicle fleet increased.


The used crane business is restarting, but due to the worldwide uncertainty after 9/11 and the various trouble spots all over the world, investments are being made cautiously.


Foundation of the HPC Crane Group as a holding company for the group of companies and splitting of activities into the individual business areas of rental (Hellmich Kranservice GmbH), trade (Allkran Hellmich GmbH) and service (HFT GmbH). René Hellmich is appointed expert for mobile cranes.

Specialisation" in the "taxi crane" and "high-speed crane" segments will be expanded. Back in 1992, René Hellmich's idea of mounting a telescopic crane on a normal truck chassis was smiled at.

Article in German Language: Kranmagazin, Jahr 2008: Raus aus der Nische

Article in German Language: Kranmagazin, Jahr 2010: Lkw Aufbaukrane, Immer mehr Auswahl


The global financial crisis culminates in the Lehmann bankruptcy. Once again, no more investments and therefore no more crane sales are possible, the international crane trade practically comes to a standstill. More than 20 cranes already sold are no longer accepted and paid for by the buyers and their banks. Numerous leasing companies give up, Landesbanken are nationalised. Suddenly the yard is full of cranes that no one wants or can afford anymore.

René Hellmich and Bernhard Vogel develop the idea of financing with the help of private investors and independently of banks and leasing companies. CRANTEC AG, privately owned by Bernhard Vogel, is taking over the financing and long-term leasing of part of the Hellmich Kranservice GmbH fleet. A new partnership is established, international trade is from now on conducted with joint forces, whereby the vehicle fleet in Germany functions as a rolling warehouse.


Terex Roadmaster

Together with Terex, the Roadmaster project will be realized, in which the AC 100 superstructure known from Terex will be fused with a Mercedes series chassis. As a result, the first truck-mounted superstructure crane with a lifting capacity of 100 tonnes and a 60-metre telescopic boom is ready for marketing.

Article in German Language: Kranmagazin, Jahr 2013: Wenn Träume wahr werden


35 Jahre Allkran Hellmich GmbH und 60 Jahre René Hellmich

35 Jahre Allkran Hellmich GmbH und 60 Jahre René Hellmich

35th company anniversary and the 60th birthday of René Hellmich coincide and are celebrated in June in Riedstadt. Allkran Hellmich GmbH and Marchetti develop the MTK 40 truck-mounted crane.

Article in German Language: Kranmagazin Jahr 2015: Jubiläum und Geburtstag im Doppelpack


Die Führungscrew der CRANTEC - Allkran Gruppe

CRANTEC AG takes over the shares of Allkran Hellmich GmbH from HPC Holding GmbH and René Hellmich respectively. The previous activities of CRANTEC AG and Allkran Hellmich GmbH in the field of international crane trading and the sale of new equipment from the manufacturer "Marchetti" are to be bundled and intensified from now on.

Das Führungsteam vor einem Grove 250t Kran

Gunnar Heinrich, long-time employee of René Hellmich and to date authorized signatory of Hellmich Kranservice GmbH and Allkran Hellmich GmbH, is appointed managing director of Allkran Hellmich GmbH.


New edition of the software solution developed by Allkran Hellmich GmbH for more than 20 years. The website of Allkran Hellmich GmbH will be revised, from now on customers will be able to call up a lot of detailed information about the available used cranes themselves.

A new sales concept for various submarkets is implemented. The CRANTEC - Allkran Group is the exclusive representative of the Italian manufacturer Marchetti for Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Participation at the NUFAM in Karlsruhe.

Website Allkran Hellmich GmbH 2019

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